Exam sessions

Temporary exams schedule

pdf APPELLI_luglio2017_PREVISIONALE.pdf - Second DRAFT 2017 July session - BSc- Campus Leonardo (published 2017 March 7)
pdf APPELLI_LEO_luglio2017_BOZZA.pdf - DRAFT 2017 July session - BSc- Campus Leonardo (published 2017 January 11)
pdf BOZZA_APPELLI_LUGLIO_1LIV_BOVISA.pdf - DRAFT 2017 July session - BSc- Campus Bovisa (published 2017 April 10)
pdf BOZZA_APPELLI_LUGLIO_2LIV_BOVISA.pdf - DRAFT 2017 July session - MSc- Campus Bovisa (published 2017 April 10)
pdf BOZZA_APPELLI_SETTEMBRE_1LIV_BOVISA2.pdf - DRAFT 2017 September session - BSc- Campus Bovisa (published 2017 May 11)
pdf BOZZA_APPELLI_SETTEMBRE_2LIV_BOVISA.pdf - DRAFT 2017 September session - MSc- Campus Bovisa (published 2017 May 11)

Class schedule / exams board

Coordinator of the Bovisa campus: prof. Carlo Gorla

Coordinator of the Leonardo campus: prof. Cesare Svelto

Aerospace Engineering

Prof. Maurizio Quadrio

Automation and Control Engineering

Prof. Francesco Casella

Prof. Elisabetta Maluta

Prof. Daniele Braga

Biomedical Engineering

Classes schedule:
Prof. Linda Pattini
Prof. Simone Vesentini

Exams schedule:
Prof. Andrea Aliverti (laurea triennale)

Chemical Engineering

Prof. Roberto Matarrese

Electrical Engineering

Prof. Stefania Carmeli

Electronics Engineering

Prof. Carlo Samori (Master of Science) 

Prof. Giorgio Ferrari (Bachelor of Science)

Prof. Ilenia Epifani (Bachelor of Science)

Energy Engineering

Prof. Gianluca D'Errico

Physics Engineering

Prof. Giovanni Isella

Prof. Giuseppe Sansone

Management and Production Engineering

Prof. Claudio Dell'Era

Engineering of Computing Systems (Milan)

Prof. Luca Breveglieri

Prof. Nicola Gatti

Prof. Giovanni Agosta

Prof. Maristella Matera

Engineering of Computing Systems (Como)

Prof. Matteo Matteucci

Dr. Emanuela Levi

Mathematical Engineering

Prof. Enrico Schlesinger

Prof. Giuseppina Guatteri

Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering

Prof. Mirella Del Zoppo

Mechanical Engineering (Milan)

Prof. Carlo Gorla

Nuclear Engineering

Prof. Francesca Giacobbo

Prof. Enrico Padovani

Safety and Prevention Engineering in the Process Industry

Prof. Roberto Matarrese

Industrial Production Engineering

Prof. Bortolino Saggin

Telecommunications Engineering

Prof. Matteo Cesana (Bachelor of Science)

Prof. Monica Nicoli (Master of Science)