“You will give to Italy engineers architects … born with mechanical genius but also grounded in calculation and physics and intent for their careers to apply to this ancient Italic industry all the new applications of the forces.”

Carlo Cattaneo, Lettera al Senatore Matteucci (1862)


This motto, which partly stands engraved in the courtyard of the historical Leonardo Campus of the Politecnico di Milano, perfectly sums the spirit and strenght which has inspired the School of Engineering since the foundation of Politecnico in 1863.




Our academic departments today deliver world class education so that our graduates possess the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to become international key players in industry and academia. Our environment brings together cutting-edge researchers, high-profile teachers and state-of-the-art facilities in inspiring physical and virtual developments; our students will meet, work and live with people studying every modern aspect of engineering.


The School is the coordinating body for the teaching activities of most of the Engineering degrees at the Politecnico di Milano, accounting for a wide range of topics: Aerospace, Automation, Biomedicine, Chemistry, Electrical, Electronics, Energy, Industrial Production, Informatics, Management, Materials and Nanotechnology, Mathematics, Mechanics, Nuclear, Physics and Telecommunications. Our focus is on building a culture of excellence and a strong sense of common purpose aimed at creating distinctive value in the professional profile of our graduates.



The Politecnico di Milano is one of the European’s preeminent teaching and research universities, renowned for rigorous academic programs in science and technology as well as for innovative research. By far the largest of four Schools, the School of Industrial and Information Engineering educates about 60 percent of Politecnico’s undergraduate and graduate students.