The Council

The Council is chaired by the Dean and is made up of  

  • The Directors of the Departments supporting the School
  • The Programme Coordinators
  • A number of elected student representatives

Members of the School Council

Prof. Antonio Capone (Dean)

Prof.ssa Isabella Nova (Deputy Dean)

Department Directors

Prof. Maurizio Masi (Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering) 

Prof. Stefano Tubaro (Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering)

Prof. Fabio Inzoli (Department of Energy)

Prof. Franco Ciccacci (Department of Physics)

Prof. Alessandro Perego (Department of Management Engineering)

Prof. Marco Francesco Bocciolone (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

Prof. Giulio Magli (Department of Mathematics)

Prof. Giuseppe Sala (Department of Aerospace Science and Technology)

Programme Board Coordinators

Prof. Lorenzo Dozio(Aerospace Engineering)

Prof.ssa Maria Prandini (Automation and Control Engineering)

Prof. Luca Mainardi (Biomedical Engineering)

Prof. Isabella Nova (Chemical Engineering)

Prof. Sergio Amedeo Pignari (Electrical Engineering)

Prof. Franco Zappa (Electronics Engineering)

Prof. Luigi Pietro Maria Colombo (Energy Engineering)

Prof. Mauro Nisoli (Engineering Physics)

Prof. Stefano Ronchi (Management and Production Engineering)

Prof. Gianpaolo Cugola (Computer Science and Engineering)

Prof. Anna Maria Paganoni (Mathematical Engineering)

Prof. Stefano Turri (Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering)

Prof. Gaetano Cascini (Mechanical Engineering)

Prof. Augusto Sarti (Music and Acoustics Engineering)

Prof. Matteo Passoni (Nuclear Engineering)

Prof. Giancarlo Giudici (Industrial Production Engineering)

Prof. Matteo Cesana (Telecommunication Engineering)

Student representatives

Sig.ra Beatrice Bartolozzi -

Sig. Giacomo Buratti -

Sig. Pietro Rossetti -

Sig. Laurens Lanzillo -

Sig.ra Antonella Polimeno Camastra -