Admission to the School's B and MS programmes

Admission to the School's Laurea (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) programmes requires passing the engineering test (TOL).

For the conditions of admission to the Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to a Master of Science) programmes, students must submit an application form.

The entry requirements for each Laurea Magistrale programme are specified in the individual Educational Rules.

International students can refer to the website Polinternational.

Persons in charge for admissions to Laurea Magistrale (MSc)

Aerospace Engineering

Prof. Lorenzo Dozio
Prof. Riccardo Vescovini

Automation and Control Engineering

Prof. Paolo Bolzern

Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Anna Maria Bianchi
Prof. Silvia Farč
Prof. Monica Soncini

Chemical Engineering

Prof. Alessio Frassoldati (foreign students)
Prof. Laura Annamaria Pellegrini

Safety and Prevention Engineering in the Process Industry

Prof. Giuseppe Nano 

Electrical Engineering

Prof. Antonino Di Gerlando 
Prof. Alessandro Ferrero

Electronics Engineering

Prof. Massimo Ghioni
Prof. Salvatore Levantino 
Prof. Christian Monzio Compagnoni

Energy Engineering

Prof. Niro Alfonso
Prof. Luigi Colombo

Physics Engineering

Prof. Paolo Laporta

Management and Production Engineering

Prof. Marika Arena

Engineering of Computing Systems

Segreteria didattica DEIB
Prof. Pierluigi San Pietro
Prof. Cristina Silvano

Engineering of Computing Systems (Como)  

Prof. Giuseppe Pozzi
Prof. Marco Tagliasacchi

Mathematical Engineering

Prof. Maurizio Verri (italian students)
Prof. Alessandra Guglielmi (foreign students)

Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering

Prof. Roberto Frassine

Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Gaetano Cascini
Prof. Andrea Tommaso Vania
Prof. Simone Cinquemani

Nuclear Engineering

Prof. Marco Beghi

Safety and Prevention Engineering in the Process Industry

Prof. Giuseppe Nano

Industrial Production Engineering

Prof. Bortolino Saggin

Telecommunications Engineering

Prof. Sandro Bellini
Prof. Stefano Bregni
Prof. Paolo Martelli
Prof. Augusto Sarti
Prof. Arnaldo Spalvieri