Experience abroad

The Politecnico di Milano offers the School's students the opportunity to participate in high quality international projects based on joint programmes and special agreements with many partner universities.

Experience abroad opportunities

Further information on experience abroad (in italian)

You can also contact you programme coordinator for more details and to arrange an experience abroad.

International mobility board

Coordinator: prof. Franco Bernelli Zazzera

Aerospace Engineering

Prof. Franco Bernelli Zazzera

Automation and Control Engineering

Prof. Luca Bascetta
Prof. Matteo Corno

Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Alberto Redaelli (Coordinator, Southern Europe, International Double Degrees and Unitech)
Prof. Enrico Caiani (Eastern Europe and USA)
Prof.ssa Veronica Cimolin (Central and Southern America, Canada and Northern Europe)
Prof.ssa Manuela Galli (Central and Southern America, Canada and Northern Europe)

Prof.ssa Paola Petrini (Central Europa)
Prof. Emiliano Votta (Asia and Australia)

Chemical Engineering

Prof. Giovanni Dotelli 
Prof. Luca Lietti 

Electrical Engineering

Prof. Federica Foiadelli
Prof. Sergio Pignari (Chinese Universities)

Electronics Engineering

Prof. Christian Monzio Compagnoni (incoming foreign students)
Prof. Marco Sampietro (outgoing)

Energy Engineering

Prof. Angelo Onorati
Prof. Gianluca Valenti 

Physics Engineering

Prof. Claudia Dallera
Prof. Andrea Bassi

Management and Production Engineering (Milan and Cremona)

Prof. Sergio Terzi

Management and Production Engineering (Como)

Prof. Riccardo Mangiaracina

Engineering of Computing Systems (Milan and Cremona)

Prof. Luciano Baresi

Engineering of Computing Systems (Como)

Prof. Emanuele Della Valle

Mathematical Engineering

Prof. Lorenzo Valdettaro
Prof. Elsa Maria Marchini

Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology

Prof. Marco Ormellese

Mechanical Engineering (Bovisa, Piacenza and Lecco)

Prof. Mario Guagliano

Prof. Mauro Filippini

Nuclear Engineering

Prof. Marco Beghi

Safety and Prevention Engineering in the Process Industry

Prof. Giovanni Dotelli   

Industrial Production Engineering

Prof.  Giuseppe Bucca

Telecommunications Engineering

Prof. Massimo Tornatore