Tutoring was established by Law no. 341 dated 1990 (Reform of the Italian university educational systems) as an activity designed to "guide and assist students throughout their studies, making them active participants in the educational process and removing obstacles to successful course attendance, also through initiatives tailored to the needs, attitudes and requirements of individuals" (Art. 13).

Tutoring board

Aerospace Engineering

Prof. Fiorenza Quasso

Automation and Control Engineering

Prof. Michele Norgia

Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Annamaria Bianchi

Chemical Engineering

Prof. Cinzia Cristiani

Electrical Engineering

Prof. Gianmaria Foglia

Electronics Engineering

Prof. Franco Zappa

Energy Engineering

Prof. Cesare Joppolo

Physics Engineering

Prof. Riccardo Bertacco

Management and Production Engineering

Prof. Irene Sabadini

Engineering of Computing Systems (Milan)

Prof. Gianluca Palermo

Engineering of Computing Systems (Como)

Prof. Pier Luigi Möseneder

Mathematical Engineering

Prof. Gianmaria Verzini

Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering

Prof. Cinzia Cristiani

Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Giorgio Colombo

Nuclear Engineering

Prof. Andrea Pola

Safety and Prevention Engineering in the Process Industry

Prof. Cinzia Cristiani

Industrial Production Engineering

Prof. Fulvia Confortola

Telecommunications Engineering

Prof. Michele D'Amico