Degree examinations

The attention of students is drawn to the subjects of plagiarism, or copying (even involuntary) without mentioning the source of parts of books, essays, theses, articles, projects by other authors in the preparation of the degree thesis.
This constitutes the appropriation, through total or partial copy, of the authorship of a work of others.

We therefore invite you to check your documents and always cite the sources from which you draw texts and images.

In this sense, we recall the following passage from the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Politecnico di Milano: "The Politecnico promotes the integrity of research, condemns plagiarism and infringement of intellectual property and provides opportunities for all those who carry out research activities to have a 'adequate training on ethics and integrity in research. "

Supplementary regulations

Evaluation rubrics for MSc degree

Rubric used for the evaluation of MSc thesis (in Italian)


Latex and MS Word Templates for Master Thesis

The School has prepared a set of templates available for the writing of the Master's Thesis. 

The following templates are available:

  1. Thesis in "classical" format, to be used for writing the thesis in the traditional format.
  2. Thesis in "article" format, to be used as an alternative to the classical format for writing the thesis in a "journal paper" style (approximately 30 pages).
    IMPORTANT:  the use of this second format must be agreed with the supervisor and can be adopted only if in line with the guidelines of your study program.
  3. Executive Summary, to be used for writing the “Executive Summary" in the case of Theses with Reviewer (“Controrelatore”).

Templates for Latex are also available in Overleaf: 

Suspension of teaching activities on the days of the BSc and MSc graduation sessions

In the Leonardo and Bovisa Campuses, on the days of the BSc graduation sessions, all the teaching activities (lectures, exercises, labs, etc) of all the courses at bachelor and master level are suspended in the morning. In the afternoon from 2.30 pm the activities could take place accordingly to availability of the classrooms.

In the Leonardo and Bovisa Campuses, on the days of the MSc graduation sessions, all the teaching activities (lectures, exercises, labs, etc) of all the courses at bachelor and master level are suspended all day.

In the other campuses, the teaching activities are suspended according to the local calendar.



Commissioni di Laurea e Laurea Magistrale

Si ricorda che le commissioni saranno visibili 5 giorni prima dell'Appello di Laurea Magistrale nella pagina personale "SERVIZI ON LINE-> ISCRIZIONE ESAME FINALE".

Modalità di svolgimento degli appelli di Laurea

Modalità di svolgimento degli appelli di Laurea Magistrale

Coordinatore Commissione di Laurea e Laurea Magistrale

Prof. Lorenzo Dozio

Responsabili delle Lauree

Ingegneria Aerospaziale

Prof.ssa Antonella Abbà 
Prof. Federico Piscaglia 

Agricultural  Engineering

Prof. Giorgio Previati 

Prof. Gianni Ferretti

Ingegneria dell'Automazione

Prof. Alberto Leva 
Prof. Simone Formentin 

Ingegneria Biomedica

Prof.ssa Manuela Galli 

Ingegneria Chimica

Prof. Carlo Giorgio Visconti 

Ingegneria Elettrica

Prof. Francesco Castelli Dezza 
Prof.ssa Simona Salicone 

Ingegneria Elettronica

Prof. Alessandro Sottocornola Spinelli 

Ingegneria Energetica

Prof. Giampaolo Manzolini
Prof. Andrea Lucchini
Prof. Emanuele Martelli (Sede di Piacenza)

Ingegneria Fisica

Prof. Davide Contini 

Ingegneria Gestionale

Prof.ssa Angela Tumino
Prof. Mariano Corso (Sede di Cremona)
Prof. Luca Gastaldi (Sede di Cremona)

Ingegneria Informatica (Milano)

Prof.ssa Raffaela Mirandola 
Prof. Matteo Rossi

Ingegneria Informatica (Cremona)

Prof. Luciano Baresi 
Prof. Alberto Leva

Ingegneria Matematica

Prof.ssa Laura Sangalli 
Prof. Daniele Marazzina 

Ingegneria dei Materiali e delle Nanotecnologie

Prof. Luca Nobili 
Prof. Carlo Spartaco Casari 

Ingegneria Meccanica (Piacenza)

Prof. Paolo Albertelli 
Prof. Emanuele Martelli

Ingegneria Meccanica (Lecco)

Prof. Mario Covarrubias
Prof. Riccardo Gerosa 

Ingegneria Meccanica (Milano)

Prof. Stefano Manzoni

Ingegneria Nucleare

Prof. Lelio Luzzi 
Prof. Antonio Cammi 

Ingegneria della Prevenzione e della Sicurezza nell'Industria di Processo

Prof. Carlo Giorgio Visconti 

Ingegneria della Produzione Industriale

Prof. Andrea Vania 

Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni

Prof. Claudio Maria Prati 
Prof. Marco Marcon 

Music and Acoustic Engineering

Prof. Giuseppe Bertuccio 
Prof. Fabio Antonacci 

Food Engineering

Prof. Fabio Parmeggiani 
Prof.ssa Federica Ciccullo 

Mobility Engineering

Prof.ssa Monica Nicoli 

Graduation photography service

Regulation for accreditation and access of photographers to Politecnico di Milano on graduation exams

Please note that commissions will be visible 5 days before the Bachelor / Master Degree Program in the personal page, online service 



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