The Tutoring service aims to assist students during their studies, especially in the first three years. For the School of Civil, Environmental and Territorial Engineering this activity particularly involves student-tutors and the reference teachers.

The student-tutor has the task of:

  • provide indications to students regarding the practical organization of studies (structure of study plans, organization of teaching, etc.), the support structures offered by the Politecnico;
  • be a point of reference for students on Bachelor's and Master's degree courses regarding any problems relating to the teaching of the courses or the methods of carrying out the assessment tests;
  • be of support for students who find some difficulties and therefore need to fill limited basic gaps by providing help with clarifications and resolutions of exercises (no explanations relating to the contents of the courses);
  • report any problems that may have arisen to the reference teachers before the end of the courses.

The activity of the student-tutor is carried out both through e-mails and with meetings or with the supervision of certain spaces (classrooms or Departmental rooms) organized through the Secretariats of the Departments of the reference Teachers or, in the case of external offices, of the Poli or of the offices.

The School offers various tutoring opportunities to its students, with the aim of guaranteeing everyone the support that best suits their needs. The approach provides for some peer tutoring services, activated on demand based on student requests, and other more traditional tutoring services, provided on established dates and times.

For bachelor's degree

  • Peer-to-peer tutoring: more experienced student-tutors provide help, individually or in small groups of 3-4 people, on the basic teachings of the first two years of all Bachelor programmes. The request for a tutor is possible for a maximum of two courses for each semester.


  • Students with OFA Test can ask the tutoring service for help in removing the OFA.


  •  Basic tutoring: it is possible to attend tutoring held by doctoral students or by expert teachers envisaged for the basic teachings of the three-year degree courses. These tutorials are not linked to specific sections or alphabetical groups: students can access without distinction according to the most favorable calendar. The calendar will be published as soon as it is available on this page.


bachelor's degree students

  • Information tutoring: the service is aimed at first-year master's degree students. More experienced student-tutors provide guidance and support to students to better face the new study path.
  • Equalization peer-to-peer tutoring: the service is aimed at students from three-year degrees not closely related or international students. More experienced student-tutors provide help, individually or in small groups of 3-4 people, on the teachings of the master's degree courses.
  • Specific tutoring: tutoring held by doctoral students and expert teachers on some courses selected from the various study programmes, also on the basis of student feedback. The calendar will be published as soon as it is available on this page.

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1° semestre 

2° semestre 

Commissione Tutorato


Ingegneria Aerospaziale

Prof. Alessandro Airoldi

Ingegneria dell'Automazione

Prof. Michele Norgia

Ingegneria Biomedica

Prof. Annamaria Bianchi

Ingegneria Chimica

Prof. Alessandro Sacchetti

Ingegneria Elettrica

Prof.ssa Stefania Carmeli

Ingegneria Elettronica

Prof. Franco Zappa

Ingegneria Energetica

Prof. Davide Falabretti

Ingegneria Fisica

Prof. Paolo Biagioni

Food Engineering 

Prof.ssa Clarita Veronica Leon Bravo 

Ingegneria Gestionale

Prof. Margherita Pero

Ingegneria Informatica

Prof.ssa Cristiana Bolchini

Ingegneria Matematica

Prof.ssa Anna Maria Paganoni

Ingegneria dei Materiali e delle Nanotecnologie

Prof.ssa Paola Gallo Stampino

Music and Acoustic Engineering

Prof. Paolo Biagioni

Ingegneria Meccanica

Prof. Stefano Manzoni

Ingegneria Nucleare

Prof. Alessandro Maffini

Ingegneria della Prevenzione e della Sicurezza nell'Industria di Processo

Prof. Alessandro Sacchetti

Ingegneria della Produzione Industriale

Prof. Francesco Grimaccia

Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni

Prof. Michele D'Amico

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